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Java Script Not Enabled

JavaScript helps the web app run smoothly and you see all aspects of the web app.  

If you are trying to set up your account or view your account from within Safari, Firefox, Explorer you will need to close it out and register/view while in Google Chrome. 

If you're already in Chrome, then for some reason your computer may be sensing JavaScript is not enabled on your computer. To check to see if JavaScript is enabled, please go through the following: 

  • Copy and paste chrome://settings/ into your chrome browser  search/address bar
  • Enter 'Privacy' into the page's search bar and then click 'content settings

  • Make sure "Allow all sites to run JavaScript is check
  • If it is not checked, click it to allow

This should get you all fixed up but if you are still having issues, drop us a line at and we will be happy to help!

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