There Are No Estimated Sales Or Revenue In The Tracker

We totally understand wanting to see data for a product you added to the Tracker immediately. Unfortunately, there are times when you may have to wait at least 48 hours before that information populates.

Usually, when this happens, it is because the product was newly added to the tracker.

Because the Product Tracker data is information we get in real time, and not an estimation like with the Database and Extension, unless someone else has already added the product to the system, the tracker can't pull any data. 

When you add a product to the Tracker for the first time, we have to put out an API call (Application Program Interface) to Amazon and it takes time to get that information back. More often than not, we get that data back within 48 hours but, occasionally, it can take up to a week.

You can tell if your tracked item has never been added to the Tracker before by clicking on the downward arrow in the middle of the product's listing in the Tracker; that will expand the product's window and will give you a message asking you to check back in 48 hours:

If you're still not seeing data for your product after a week, please email us at We'll dig into it for you, to find out why the data for your product isn't populating. :)

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