What is the LQS (Listing Quality Score)?

The LQS column stands for Listing Quality Score, and it is a sweet bit of information to help you find products' that have listings that can be optimized. Basically, we’ve developed an in-house algorithm to determine the quality of a listing. 

The LQS takes into account the length and keyword richness of a listing's title, its bullet points and description, as well as the number of pictures on the listing and the resolution of the photos. 

You can find the LQS filter and column in the web app's Product Database and Niche Hunter, and in the JSPro extension.

And though all three of these tools will show you a product's LQS, there is a difference between what you'll see in the JSPro extension, and what you'll see in Niche Hunter and the Database...

  • The JSPro displays the LQS as a number that falls between 1 and 10.
  • Niche Hunter and the Database displays the LQS as a number that falls between 1 and 100.

But no worries! Even though the LQS scales are different from web app to extension, they are only different by a factor of 10. 

So, if you have both the extension and web app, then an LQS score of 7 in the JSPro would be the equivalent of an LQS score of 65 to 74 (either rounding up, or rounding down) in the Database and Niche Hunter. :)

To find products whose listings you can improve, enter your LQS filter parameters into the 'Listing Quality' min and max fields, and then click the orange 'Search' button. The database will comb for items within those parameters, and the results will be shown under the LQS column for each ASIN that fits your search criteria:




Viewing the LQS in the extension is a little more complicated (at first). To make sure that column is active, and the LQS is visible, please check out our Knowledge Base article, Why can't I see the Listing Quality Score in my JSPro extension?

And FYI, in general, listings that score under 3 (or 30, if you're looking at the web app)  will be of very poor quality, while a listing with a score of 7 (or 70, if you're looking at the web app) or higher tends to have a very good listing.

If you have nay other questions about how the LQS works, definitely reach out to us at support@junglescout.com. We're always happy to answer your questions. :)

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