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What is the LQS (Listing Quality Score)?

The LQS column stands for Listing Quality Score, and it is a sweet bit of information to help you find products' that have listings that can be optimized. Basically, we’ve developed an in-house algorithm to determine the quality of a listing. 

The LQS takes into account the length and keyword richness of a listing's title, its bullet points and description, as well as the number of pictures on the listing and the resolution of the photos. 

You can find the LQS filter and column in the Product Database.

To find products whose listings you can improve, enter your LQS filter parameters into the 'Listing Quality' min and max fields, and then click the orange 'Search' button. The database will comb for items within those parameters, and the results will be shown under the LQS column for each ASIN that fits your search criteria:

In general, listings that score under 20 or 30 will be of very poor quality, while a listing with a score over 70 or 80 tends to have a very good listing.

In case you want to learn more about how the LQS is calculated, and how you can spot and improve poor listings, please check out our  Unoptimized Amazon Listings blog post. 

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