What is the Difference Between Jungle Scout Extension and Jungle Scout Web App?

Great question and we are glad you asked.  

Jungle Scout Extensions and Jungle Scout Web App work very well together and address different needs in the product research phase. 

Jungle Scout Extensions help users gather data from a specific page on Amazon.  They are installed into your Google Chrome browser and operate inside of the Amazon.com website.  After opening the JSPro Extension, you will see a pop-up window similar to that below. 

Or, if you are opening the JSLite extension, you should see something like this:

While the Web App helps users find products from a set of filters and also track those products over time for real data gathered.  

Web App

The web app is a software product that runs in the cloud on Jungle Scout's website (not Amazon.com).

The product database is one feature inside of the web app which allows you to filter through Amazon's catalog based on filters that are relevant to sellers (not consumers).  The user interface looks similar to this:

Before search:

After Search:

The product tracker is another part of the web app which allows users to track products in real time to monitor inventory, sales, best-sellers rank and other relevant information.  The user interface for the product tracker, inside the web app, looks like this.

The last main feature of the web app is the Niche Hunter which is used to find specific niches based on demand, competition, and other important criteria.  You'll find the Niche Hunter looks similar to this.

Before Search:

After Search:

The products work fabulously in unison.  You can use the Product Database or Niche Hunter to find new ideas that fit your specific criteria being a category, price, estimated sales, demand, competition, etc.  

Now you have some ideas and go to amazon.com run Jungle Scout Extension on the keywords you have chosen to identify specific products you are interested in.  Then add those ASINs into the product tracker in the web app to be able to watch those products over a period of time.  

Being able to track and watch those products will show you if the data is consistent or if it had a spike in best seller rank which would have altered the estimated sales/revenue.  Consistency in the product means you can feel confident about your choice.  

Now you have gone through the whole process of finding ideas/keywords in product database, running Jungle Scout Extension on those keywords on Amazon to identify multiple products, added those products to the product tracker, noticed 2 of them had big spikes so you discard those and are left with a few products to start moving forward and taking action on.  

If you have any additional questions about our products, please don't hesitate to email us at support@junglescout.com!

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