I can't login to my account! How do I change my password?

Ugh… frustrating! No problem though.

The most likely reason for this error is that your browser is cycling back to your old stored details, so please make sure that you use either a different browser (for instance, if you are using Chrome, switch to Firefox), or a Chrome incognito window, before you reset your password by going through these simple steps:

  • Next, enter the email address linked to your Jungle Scout account and click “Send Email”.
  • Go to your inbox and look for a message from us with instructions and a password reset link (don’t forget to check your SPAM folder!).
  • Clicking on that link will take you to a screen that looks like the one below, where you’ll be able to choose a new password (make sure to open it in an incognito window, or in the browser you used to request the reset link originally):

  • Choose and confirm a new password and click on the orange Change my Password button to finish the reset process.
  • If everything goes smoothly, you should be taken to your account soon after and you’ll see the next message on the top right-hand corner of the screen:

And that’s it!

However, if you run into any kind of problem while trying to reset your password, please contact us at support@junglescout.com and we’ll find another way to help you get back into your account 😊

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