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What if my credit card is declined? Can I use PayPal instead?

When you're excited about trying out something new, being told you can't buy it is always disappointing.

But no worries! There are options. :)

The first thing we recommend, when you have trouble signing up for a Jungle Scout account, is going through the trouble shooting steps outlined in our  I can't register and set up an account with Jungle Scout article.

If you're still not able to create an account with us after that though, then PayPal is our next suggestion...though PayPal will only work if you're signing up for either our JSLite or JSpro extension, or an annual web app plan.

It won't work for monthly web app subscriptions, since those plans auto-renew each month, and so we require that a credit card be attached to your account.

However, if you were planning to purchase either the extension or the annual web app, then feel free to check out our the link to our  PayPal page: 

Once you've completed your purchase in PayPal, please email the following information to and we'll create an account for you:

  • The email address you want on your account
  • First and last name to be listed on the account
  • A screenshot of your PayPal receipt
  • Your PayPal Transaction ID copied and pasted into the body of your email to support

And if you're not buying either the JSLite or JSPro, or an annual web app subscription, but are just looking for a monthly web app plan, please email us at and we'll find another way to get you up and running. :)

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