How Many Products Can I Track and How Can I Change My Plan?

Great question!  The number of products you are able to follow with the Product Tracker is dictated by the type of web app subscription you have attached to your Jungle Scout account.

If you are on the Startup plan, at $39/month, you can track up to 40 products and have unlimited searches in the database.

With the Standard package, for $69/month, you can track up to 80 products and have unlimited searches in the database and Niche Hunter.

If you are on the Business plan, at $99/month, you can track up to 150 products and have unlimited searches in the database and in Niche Hunter.

You can always tell how many products you are tracking, and how many product you can track in total, by taking a quick glance at your product tracker. Take a look at the top left part of your screen inside the product tracker.  It states "My Tracked Products" on the left-hand side of the screen, and underneath you should see "Tracker count: X / Y" 

The first number represents the number of products you are currently following, while the second number is the maximum number of product you can follow with your tracker.

Want more products to track?  No problem! If you wish to change your plan, you can do so by going through these steps:

  •   First, if you're not logged in already, please login to your Jungle Scout account. You'll be taken to your Homepage automatically. But if you are already logged into your account, please click on the user icon in the top right hand corner of your account, to the right of the 'Support' header:

  • Next, on the page that opens, scroll down to the 'Subscription Information' field and click on the 'Upgrade Now' button on the right hand side of the field:

  • Clicking on that button will cause a pop-up window to appear. The subscription currently associated with your Jungle Scout account will have the button at the bottom of the plan highlighted in grey; your options to upgrade will be outlined in orange.
  • To change your web app plan, click on the orange 'Upgrade' button:

  • Once you click that button, the page will expand, showing your options - both monthly and yearly:

  • After determining which web app plan is right for you, click on the subscription's corresponding 'confirm purchase' button:

* Quick note -- You must have a credit card on file for this option to be available.  If you do not have one on file, click on the 'Billing History' tab on your Jungle Scout account homepage. And, from there, click on the orange 'Update Credit Card' button:

Enter your credit card information into its respective fields and then click the blue 'Update Card Info' button. 

You should be all set, but if you have more questions, please drop us an email at We're always happy to help! :)

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