How do I change the country for an ASIN I'm adding to my Tracker?

Thankfully, our developers made adding ASINs from different Amazon stores really easy! :)

Just follow these directions, and your Tracker will start giving you country-specific data for that product.

First, add the ASIN of the product you want to track to the 'Add products by ASIN or URL...' field of your Tracker:

Next, click on the down arrow of the country field, directly to the right of the 'Add products by ASIN or URL...' field. When the drop down appears, click on the country/marketplace of the ASIN:

Finally, click on the gray 'add to tracker' button to the right of the country drop down tab. That will turn the 'add to tracker' button green and, if the ASIN was added successfully, you'll get a message in the right-hand corner of your Tracker window saying it was added:

And so you know, by specifying the market in which you want to follow your ASIN, the Tracker will automatically display the results in the currency of that particular country.

Easy peasy, right?! But if something goes wrong, or if you're having problems with this feature, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at We'd be more than happy to help. :)

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