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How does Jungle Scout estimate sales for a product's variations?

This is a great question, since variations can be a little tricky! When a product has variations, there are actually two ways Jungle Scout estimates their sales and revenue. 

1) For those products whose variations have their own Best Seller Rank (BSR), then we estimate that item's sales independently of the other variations' sales (to see those variations, click on the down arrow to the left of the product's name):

2) For those products whose variations all have the same BSR, and because Amazon gives no indication of how those items sell differently from one another, then Jungle Scout divides the sales and revenue by the number of the product's variations. 

So, estimated sales for variations with the same BSR are divided between the variations, including the parent ASIN. Because Jungle Scout can't tell the difference between the parent and child ASINs, it just divides the sales between all of them.

If you put the one BSR of those parent/child ASINs into the  sales estimator, you should see the total of the estimated sales. 

You can also see the total sales estimate (for those ASINs whose variations have the same BSR) as the extension is loading...the total sales estimate will be in the first line. Then, after it loads, the total sales will be divided by however many variations are involved. :)

** Please note - Jungle Scout only counts colours as variations of a product. Different sizes aren't considered to be variations, which is why they aren't highlighted in light orange/peach below the parent ASIN.

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