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What are API keys and how do I get them?

Curious about API keys?  Let's start from the beginning...

What are API keys and why do I need them?

The Jungle Scout Pro extension gets a lot of its information from Amazon's database. In order to access this information, Amazon requires the user of the extension to have an Amazon professional sellers account and asks that the user proves that by providing the API keys that come with the pro seller account. 

Essentially, API keys are security codes that prove you are allowed to access Amazon's data. :)

How do I get my API keys?

If you have an Amazon pro sellers account, but you don't have your API keys, we made a video to help you download that information, as the process can be a little bit tricky. 

If you already have your API keys but are unsure of where to find them, please skip to 1:20 in the video.

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