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What Is The Difference In Jungle Scout Lite to Jungle Scout Pro?

The main difference between the JSLite and JSPro extensions...functionality. The JSPro does more. :)

In JSLite, you get the columns of Product Name, Brand, Price, Category, Rank, Est. Sales, Est. Revenue, # of Reviews, Rating and BB Seller. You can also x-out of rows and export data to a CSV file.  

You can also click on the cloud, graph and export icons at the bottom right hand corner of your JSLite window, to bring up the main keywords associated with your search (you can download the word cloud by clicking on the icon at the top right hand corner of the cloud window), Google Trends (see the full report by clicking on the blue 'Google Trends' hyperlink), see the rank history of the product by clicking on its current ranking and download or share the data from your search:

*Note to access Google Trends, you must be on an Amazon search page.

In JSPro, you get the same functionality you get in JSLite, but with additional features. You can also do the following:

  • Add a product straight to your Product Tracker (if you have a web app subscription) from the extension
  • Add additional columns to the window; though you don't have to have an Amazon Pro Seller account to access these extra columns, if you do have API keys, we recommend entering them into the extension as it will speed up the population of the data into your extension window. 
  • Check on Price and Rank history for a product
  • Look at the Opportunity score of a niche

PRICE HISTORY (by clicking on the product's price)

RANK HISTORY (by clicking on a product's rank)

And to speed up the data population in your extension and to access, your first step is to enter your API keys into your JSPro. To do that, please click on the three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner of your extension window. Then, when the side window expands, click on the 'View API Keys' link:

Then, when the extension shows you the API Keys window, enter your keys into the matching field:

To access those extra columns, and add them to your extension window, click 'Go Back' at the top of the window (if you entered your API keys into the extension first) and then click on the 'Columns' button to the right of the 'API Keys' button:

 After that, a new side window will appear, where you can choose which columns you want to view in your extension window:


Finally, to filter your search results, click on the 'Go back' link at the top left hand corner of the window, then enter in your parameters for your search. To make sure your filters are saved, click 'Filter Results' at the bottom right hand corner of the window. That will refresh the extension, and eliminate the products that don't fall within your search limits.

If you have any other questions about the Jungle Scout extensions, please email us at We're always happy to help out. :)

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