What Is The Difference In Jungle Scout Lite to Jungle Scout Pro?

So we have two versions of the JS Chrome extension: JSPro ($197) and JSLite ($97). 

And while both are very useful in the Product Research phase of your Amazon Seller journey, they do differ a bit in regards to functionality.

Default Columns

In both the JSPro and the JSLite, customers are shown the following columns by default:

  1. Product Name, 
  2. Brand, 
  3. Price, 
  4. Category, 
  5. Rank, 
  6. Est. Sales, 
  7. Est. Revenue, 
  8. # of Reviews, 
  9. Rating 
  10. Type of Seller (FBA, FBM, AMZ)

Functionality for both JSLite and JSPro

Both extension also have a number of features that will help enhance their research process. They can both x-out to remove rows from the results they get and export data to a CSV file.  

You can click on the  cloudgraph and export icons at the bottom right-hand corner of both the JSLite and JSPro windows. 

The cloud will bring up the main keywords associated with your search (you can download the 'word cloud' by clicking on the icon at the top right-hand corner of the cloud window):

You can see the Google Trends by clicking on the upward arrow see here, you can also the full 'Google Trends' report by clicking on the blue hyperlink on the pop-up.  *Note to access Google Trends, you must be on an Amazon search results page

OR you can also export the data from your search into CSV files or a screenshot and you can share the results to Facebook:

Additional features in the JSPro

If you have the JSPro, there are some features that you'll have access to that aren't included with the JSLite, such as:

  • Adding a product straight to the Product Tracker from the extension (if you have a web app subscription) 
  • Adding additional columns (more info below)
  • Accessing the FBA Profit Calculator
  • Looking at the Opportunity score of a niche, if you are on a keyword search results page in Amazon

  • Checking Price and Rank history for a product, by clicking on the product's price:

  • Or by clicking on a product's rank:

  • Filtering your search results
    • By clicking on the three horizontal lines visible at the top left-hand corner of the extension window, you'll see the filter parameters included with the JSPro. 
    • To make sure your filters are saved, click 'Filter Results' at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. That will refresh the extension, and eliminate the products that don't fall within your search limits.

Activating the additional columns in the JSPro 

To access and activate the additional columns in the JSPro, click on the three horizontal lines visible at the top left-hand corner of the extension window, and then click on the 'Columns' button to the right of the 'API Keys' button:

 A new side window will appear where you can choose which columns you want to view in your extension window. You can choose any and all of the following to add to your JSPro:

  1. FBA fees
  2. Tier (size)
  3. # of Sellers
  4. Product dimensions
  5. Product weight
  6. Net (you'll need this for the FBA Profit Calculator)
  7. LQS
  8. Sponsored products

And now you know what the JSLite and JSPro extensions offer!

If you have any additional questions about our products, please don't hesitate to email us at support@junglescout.com!

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