How do I install my JSPro or JSLite extension?

Congratulations and welcome to the Jungle Scout family! 

You've signed up for Jungle Scout, and now you need to install your browser extension. No worries; it's an easy process. Just follow these directions:

  • First, make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser; the extension won't download onto your computer if you aren't running Chrome
  • Next, log into the members area on the Jungle Scout website here:
  • Now, click on the Extension tab at the top of your homepage:

  • On the page that opens, click the orange "Install Chrome Extension" button; this will appear if you have either the JSLite or the JSPro. Only the congratulations message will be different:

  • Once it has downloaded, you will see the Jungle Scout Icon at the top right corner of your screen; a black and orange JS for the JSLite, and a black and orange JSPro for the Pro extension:

  • After installing, please make sure to close out of all your Chrome browsers then reopen.The first time you use Jungle Scout, you will be asked to enter your username and password.  After that, it will be stored. :)

If you are having problems with installation, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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