Can I Use Jungle Scout on My Phone/iPad?

Jungle Scout Web App

Even in the world we live in, where we love to do everything on our mobile devices, the online Jungle Scout web app is best viewed on a computer.  

However, we are as addicted to the web app as you are, so feel free to use it on your mobile device. The web app displays nicely on most tablets, though it is usually too much information to display in an easy-to-read format on smartphones.  

Jungle Scout Extension

We hate being the bearer or bad news but, unfortunately, Google Chrome does not support extensions on mobile devices (tablets/smartphones/ipads) at this time. 

If, in the future, Google makes Chrome extensions mobile device-compatible, we will be sure to make JSLite and JSPro available for tablets and smartphones.

For now, though, we are limited to using the JS extensions on our laptops and desktops.

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