Pictures In The Web App Will Not Load

Occasionally this funny issue comes up in the Product Tracker and can be fixed by using a different browser.  If you are using Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer, try swapping them out for Google Chrome.  While the web app is compatible with all browsers, Google Chrome seems to have the least amount of issues.

If you still have problems after changing your browser to Chrome, please make cure you have JavaScript enabled. You can check that by following these instructions:

  • While in Google Chrome, copy and paste this URL into the search/address bar: chrome://settings/content
  • Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the arrow beside 'Advanced':
  • c3a11bb4ee25c6411f696f1cedf100c6.png
    • Next, scroll down until you see 'content settings' in that new field. When you find it, click the arrow to the right of that title:

    • In the new field that appears, find 'Java Script' (it should be directly below Notifications), and click the arrow to the right of that title:

    • Finally, make sure the slider button beside 'Allowed' is over to the right, so that the field is blue, like this:

  • Finally, close all Chrome windows and then reopen. The products' pictures should now be showing in your Tracker.  

If you are still having problems, after enabling JavaScript, please contact us at We'd be happy to get this fixed for you. :).  

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