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I want to delete my subscription. How do I cancel my web app plan?

While we are sad to see you go, but we understand that due to the ever-changing needs of your business, we may not fit into your puzzle at this time.  

To cancel your yearly subscription, please email us at, and to cancel your monthly web app membership, you can do that from inside your Jungle Scout account:  

  • Log into the Jungle Scout Web App
  • Hover over My Account
  • Click Account Settings

You will see your account with information and at the bottom there is a link to click to cancel:

You will be taken to a pop-up to give you a chance, in case this is a mistake.

You should be all set after that. 

Something to note: We believe in giving you what you have paid for so when you cancel you will be given the time left either on your trial or in your month.  For example, if it is day 3 of your trial you will still have access to the web app until day 7 at which time the account will be deactivated.   If it is day 15 of your month you will have access to the web app until the end of your month, again at this point it will be deactivated.

***Please note, once you cancel, your products will not be stored under your account.  Your tracker will be cleared and anything you had been tracking will be deleted.

Thanks for trying us out!

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