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I can't login to Jungle Scout!

It is so frustrating to purchase a software like Jungle Scout, and then find out that you can't use it! arrrggghhhh

No worries though! The fix for this is usually pretty simple...just switch your browser. 

If you are not using Google Chrome as your internet browser, that's probably what's behind your inability to login to and/or use Jungle Scout. And that's because our software was built with Chrome in mind.

So, if you're using Explorer, or Safari, or even Firefox, please close that browser out and open Jungle Scout while using Chrome.

If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your computer yet, no problem. That's a pretty easy fix to. Simply go to the following link and go through Google's step by step instructions:

But, if this doesn't work, and you still can't login or use the site, please email us at We'll find another way to get you up and running!

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